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About Us

Who is Cinetics?

We love fluid moving video, but not the bulky and difficult equipment that has traditionally been required to capture it. That’s why we build compact and affordable gear to move your camera. Our products are available to order on and through our dealer network.

CineSkates, our first product, was born in the MIT Media Lab. Launched as a Kickstarter project in 2011, filmmakers rallied around the idea, and CineSkates flew past the funding goal in just one day! Ever since, we’ve been constantly innovating, researching, and field testing new technology so we can get awesome camera gear in to your hands. We’ve had some very nice things said about us by people like Wired, Fast Company, Gizmodo, CNET, and Engadget.

Want some help discovering the possibilities of our unique products? Have an idea for a tool that would aid you in getting amazing footage? We’re here for you! Contact us and check out our social media streams for awesome give-aways, contests, tutorials, and other insider info. Happy Filming!

Meet the peeps

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