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CineMoco Motor


This is the motor that drives CineMoco, a powerful and versatile motion control system. CineMoco makes smooth repeatable moves for video, time-lapse, and moves on command for stop motion animation. Equipped with the V Wheels and SkatesPlate, it can be used on SkateTrack. The CineMoco works best horizontally, but can also do inclines of up to 10 degrees.


Specifications & Requirements

  • Weight Limit: 11 lb (5 kg).
  • Recommended: Tripod head, V Wheels, SkateTrack, SkatePlate.
  • A camera cable is required to fire the shutter for time-lapse and stop motion. CineMoco video functions do not require the camera cable. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Make smooth repeatable moves for video, time-lapse, and stop motion.
  • Use on or off SkateTrack.
  • Versatile, portable, and modular with Cinetics Quick Connect technology.


CineMoco Motor : The CineMoco Motor uses a powerful stepper motor that is accurate to a hundredth of a millimeter to help you capture professional cinematic video. The attached V Wheel is made specifically to give you a smooth roll both on flat surfaces and on the SkateTrack.


V Wheels: V Wheels are made specifically to give you a smooth roll both on flat surfaces and on the SkateTrack. Their innovative design forms a seamless connection with the SkateTrack and keeps your camera rolling no matter what surface you encounter. They utilize the Cinetics Quick Connect platform for quick snap-on snap-off assembly.

SkateTrack: The SkateTrack is a portable and expandable track for use with V Wheels and CineMoco. Designed for set up in any environment without the need for tripods. SkateTrack is perfect for on-the-go time-lapses, video, and stop motion animation.

SkatePlate: SkatesPlate is a dolly frame for use with products equipped with Cinetics Quick Connect, like CineSkates and CineSquid. It has a retractable design that can support the heaviest cameras (for rigs up to 11 lb (5 kg). It includes easy to read illustrations found on the face of the SkatePlate for perfect alignment every time. The Ballhead is a super efficient, adjustable camera mount with two strong quick connect points. Both SkatePlate and Ballhead have a 1/4”-20 thread attachment.


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