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Lynx Controller


The Lynx Controller is a world class three axis camera motion controller. A cutting edge microcontroller and precision motor drivers are the heavy lifters, but the user interface makes quick setup and advanced control simple. The controller has a built in lithium ion battery that can run up to 3 hours continuously or up to 24 hours in power save mode, and it can be driven by the Lynx iOS and Android apps!!

Specifications & Requirements

  • Required: Lynx Slider and Slider Motor and/or Lynx Pan & Tilt Motors
  • Battery: 3 hours continuous, 24 hours power save
  • Weight: 1.0 lb
  • Recommended: Camera shutter release cable

Features and Benefits:

  • Three axis motor controller drives the Lynx slider, pan and tilt motors
  • Can be used for video, time-lapse photography, panoramas, stop-motion animation, visual effects, and more
  • Quickly sets up moves and programs can be saved for repeated use
  • Performs simple point A to point B moves, or can be configured to run multiple keyframes, allowing for different run times, intervals, shutter speeds, and even bulb ramping.   
  • Can be remote controlled by iOS and Android apps


  • Lynx Controller
  • Travel Pouch
  • Power Adapter / Charger 


Lynx Pan & Tilt Motors: The Lynx Pan & Tilt Motors provide a full 360 degree range of motion in both pan and tilt directions. The motors are strong enough to carry a 5 lb camera.  Best of all, the Pan & Tilt Motor's sound isolation design enables whisper quiet operation.

Lynx Slider: The Lynx Slider is a versatile video movement machine. Twenty four inch carbon fiber rails provide a smooth fluid motion at the touch of a finger, and rail extensions can be added to double the slider length to forty eight inches for long moves. The Lynx Slider is built with professional quality and durability in mind.

Lynx Slider Motor: The Lynx Slider Motor moves precisely and can attach to the slider in seconds. It's a powerful motor that can lift up to 10 pounds vertically. Best of all, the Slider Motor's sound isolation design enables whisper quiet operation.

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