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Axis360 Outrigger Leg


Outrigger Leg is a lightweight slider leg made of strong and lightweight fiberglass reinforced polymer. The outrigger leg folds out in two simple moves to provide a stable lift and enable usage in almost any environment imaginable. And, the outrigger legs fold right back up and stows away for ultimate portability!

Specifications & Requirements

  • Weight Limit: 11 lb (5 kg).

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable and lightweight, glass-filled nylon.
  • Folds up for supreme portability.


Outrigger Leg : A durable, lightweight attachment for SkateTrack. The Outrigger leg screws to the bottom of SkateTrack and folds out in two simple moves. It provides a stable lift for SkateTrack and enables usage in almost any environment imaginable.


SkateTrack: SkateTrack is a portable and expandable track for use with V Wheels and CineMoco. Designed for set up in any environment without the need for tripods, SkateTrack is perfect for on-the-go time-lapse, video, and stop motion animation.

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