• Axis360 Pro

• Axis360 Pro


OUT OF STOCK Axis360 is a motion control system that can slide, pan, or tilt a camera for dynamic video and time-lapse photography. Axis360 is compact and lightweight, sets up easily, and is extremely versatile. Its powerful stepper motor moves at a wide range of speeds, fluidly or incrementally and will work with most DSLR and cinema cameras. Axis360 is available in a variety of combinations to suit your needs.

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Axis360 is run by the Controller which operates on CineMoco software and includes a built in 6 hour rechargeable battery. Speed range in video mode is variable up to 2.4 cm/s or 110°/s. S-M-S (shoot-move-shoot) mode enables moves as small as 0.03° incrementally! The Controller works with the Axis360 to enable smooth motor controlled movement.

Check which camera cable works with your camera HERE .


Specifications & Requirements

  • Required: Any camera that shoots digital video or stills.
  • Weight Limit: Slides 11 lb (5 kg) vertically or horizontally up to 2.4 cm/s.
  • Product Weight: 10 lb (4.7 kg).
  • 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 thread attachment.
  • Noise: to hear the sound produced from the motor, CLICK HERE
  • Aluminum rails of the slider are 32” long, they break down into four 16” sections. The slider is expandable with additional purchase of the Slider Extension.
  • Controller records up to 6 hours in continuous mode and 24 hours in power saving mode.
  • An Axis360 and Controller is required for each axis of motion that you want to drive simultaneously.
  • You can combine multiple Axis360 motors for 1, 2, or 3-axis movement.
  • In a setup with an additional Axis360 and Controller, controllers can be controlled individually or daisy chained together with a standard 3.5 mm stereo cable for synchronized control.
  • Compatible with Dragonframe.
  • Video functions do not require a camera cable, and many cameras support time-lapse with a built-in intervalometer (no camera cable necessary). The Controller can control the camera shutter with camera cables that are available optionally online in our store.

Features & Benefits

  • Professional maneuverability for video, time-lapse, and stop motion.
  • Get precise shots with variable speeds up to 2.4 cm/s or 110°/s and accurate to 0.1°.
  • 360° motorized pan or tilt allows for smooth, repeatable movement in any direction.
  • Compact design can be stored for travel without having to completely disassemble.
  • Set up in any environment with outrigger legs or for added height mount to any tripod with a ⅜”-16 or ¼”-20 mount.
  • Lightweight and made with the highest grade, toughest materials available.
  • Software is open source and upgradable for future expansion and advancement.


  • Axis360 is a digital stepper motor that makes smooth and precise moves. It can be configured to pan a camera, tilt when used with the tilt kit, and slide when used with the slider. Axis360 can move any camera weighing less than 11 lb (5 kg) with a standard 1/4"-20 mounting thread.
  • Slider is an ultra smooth rail track and cart system. The cart rolls on eight urethane coated bearings and has adjustable drag. The aluminum rails break down into 16" segments. Outrigger legs enable setup on any terrain, and a center 3/8"-16 tripod mount allows height versatility. The slider moves smoothly by hand, or with a kevlar belt and pulley system that enables the Axis360 motor to drive the slider.
  • CineMoco Controller is a compact motor controller. It controls super slow moves while firing synchronized time-lapse photos and quick moves for video. The controller works with most video cameras and can sync moves and time-lapse photos on most DSLR cameras. A controller is required for each axis of motion control that you want to drive simultaneously and controllers can be controlled individually or daisy chained together with a standard 3.5 mm stereo cable for synchronized control. Controllers have CineMoco software version 2.5. Instructions to update to the latest CineMoco software can be found HERE.
  • Tripod is a compact, strong, and lightweight camera stand. Each leg has adjustable positions and threaded rubber feet for fine tuning. A 1/4"-20 thread attaches to a camera, ballhead or motor.
  • Ballhead is a super efficient, adjustable camera mount. It has two strong quick connect points and 1/4"-20 threads on both ends.
  • L Bracket that enables Axis360 to tilt a camera with perfect balance.
  • Arca-type Plate that balances the quick release plate that secures large cameras and lenses for extra smooth movement.
  • Quick Release Clamps that attach to the L Bracket or Arca-type Plate.


  • Slider Extension:  Slider Extension will add 32" to your Cinetics Slider bringing the length to a total of 64” with one extension and 96” with two extensions. You can choose to upgrade the Axis360 Pro to 64" or 96" length on this page with the drop-down option "Slider Length". Belts for each length are included. Rails seamlessly connect for a fluid, even slide or break down easily to fit in a back pack.  Crafted from durable aircraft aluminum, these lightweight rails won’t fail you even on your wildest adventures.

  • Camera Cables: camera trigger cable of your choice. Many cameras support time-lapse photography with a built-in timer (intervalometer) and do not require a camera cable. Video functionality does not require a camera cable.

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