Where can I find instructions?

Cinetics’ instructional PDF’s and videos can be found here: cinetics.com/instructions.A wealth of content can be found on our forum. We pride ourselves on response time in solving forum posts. Everything from from adjusting motors to optimal controller settings can be found at forum.cinetics.com

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping and tax estimates can be found within Cinetics’ shopping cart. When items are first added to the shopping cart, a pop-up window appears to help guide to checkout. Close this window to view the cart. Find the link titled "Estimate Shipping & Tax."
  • We can ship to any address that UPS will deliver to. We ship orders in the order that they are received, usually within 2 business days, and often faster.
  • We will send you a tracking number and invoice through email, and we will include an invoice with the package. You can also check the status of your order by clicking My Account.

International Shipping

  • We are required to indicate the value on the outside of each package that we mail out. International customers will be required to pay any customs charges that are required by their country. International customs charges are not included in the estimate provided.
  • Shipping and tax estimates can be found within Cinetics’ shopping cart. Simply add the items you wish to purchase, view your shopping cart and find the link titled "Estimate Shipping & Tax."
  • All International orders require signature upon delivery.

What is the warranty?

  • Cinetics products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase. This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage to the product. This warranty extends only to the original end user of the product.
  • Cinetics’ liability is limited solely to the retail value of the product. Cinetics does not accept any liability for damage to any other third party product that may or may not have been used in conjunction with a Cinetics product. Cinetics is not liable for damages or losses due to improper use of its products.
  • For warranty issues, please contact info@cinetics.com.

What is the size of the rails?

  • The Axis360's slider is 32 inches long and 5/8 inches in diameter. Slider extensions can be purchased to create 64 and 96 inch sliders.
  • The CineMoco Dolly’s SkateTrack is 48 inches long and 5/8 inches in diameter.

Which belt do I need for my slider?

  • The 32" Slider Extension from Cinetics lets you double the length of your Axis360 Pro Slider from 32" to 64". It includes four 16" aluminum rails and two rail braces to secure the rails together for an even slide. Three travel bags are included for storing the rail braces and rails.
  • In order to use the pulley system on the Axis360 Pro Slider, when the extensions are attached, the optional 64" Belt is required. When adding a second Slider Extension, the 96" Belt is required.
  • Extend your Cinetics Slider length to 64" (162.6 cm) with one extension, or 96" (243.8 cm) by adding an additional extension.

What battery comes with my purchase? What is the battery’s life and charger?

  • CineMoco's built in lithium polymer battery (11.1V, 3.1Ah) runs continuously for 6 hours and can run over 24 hours for timelapse moves using shoot-move-shoot mode with motor sleep enabled. The battery charger also acts as a power adapter, so you can power the unit constantly from it. And the 2.1mm barrel jack that the power adapter plugs into can be used to plug in additional battery. Something like this would work great.
  • If the power switch is turned off, power comes from the power port (power adapter or external battery). If the power is on, it draws power from the power port until the voltage drops to a low level, then switches to the internal battery.
  • The included American power adapter is 12V, 1A with a 2.1mm barrel jack. It has a red light to indicate charging, and green light to indicate charging complete.

How to update my CineMoco?

  • If you’d like us to update your controller for you, simply purchase the update here for $0 and follow the directions provided. You just have to pay for shipping your controller and we will get it back to you!
  • The alternative to purchasing this update is to update the controller software yourself. The update requires you to connect your controller to your computer with a micro USB cable to make the update. Please be gentle with the micro USB port on the controller, it is fragile.If you would like to do the update yourself, please download the latest CineMoco software version below and follow the included instructions below.
  • CineMoco Software Download (current version 2.5)

My motor seems loose. How can I adjust it?

A whole breakdown to fix motor issues can be found here.

Can I mount an Axis360 on a different tripod?

  • Yes! The Axis360 motor has 3/4”-20 threads but comes with an adapter for 3/8”-16 tripods, so it can be mounted on any standard tripod or accessory.
  • The slider has 3/8”-16 threads in the middle of the rail brace and ¼”-20 threads on the outrigger assemblies. One sturdy ⅜”-16 tripod can hold it in the middle, or 2 tripods can be attached at either end.

How fast does the Axis360 slide?

The Axis360 slides 2.4cm/s or about 1in/s.

Which camera cable do I need?

Find your camera HERE - If you don’t see your camera, please email info@cinetics.com and we will be sure to provide more information.

How loud is the motor?

The Axis360 motor requires external microphones if shooting live film, and is at times too loud for some live filming scenarios. You can find a test video here.

How to daisy chain multiple controllers?

When using multiple controllers, one controller is set to “Master” to control all motors. Here is a video of an in-depth explanation.

Missing shot in a timelapse

There is a great discussion of this on our forum.

What motor type do I choose?

  • Axis360 motors are controlled with the Slide or Pan/Tilt motor type.
  • CineMoco Dolly motors are controlled with s60 and m60. Your CineMoco might have a sticker that identifies the motor type. If it doesn’t have a sticker, use s60.

Does my Moco connect to Axis?

  • Yes. Up to two Axis360’s can be mounted on a skate plate to achieve simultaneous slide, pan and tilt. To add an Axis360 to your CineMoco Dolly, you’ll need an Axis360 Motor & Controller and the Axis360 Balance Kit.
  • One Balance Kit can be used for Pan and Tilt, but if you’d like 3 axis movements, two Motors & Controllers are required.