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  • Cine System

    Cine System

    Cine System is a versatile and portable tripod, dolly, and suction mount system for all your video, photography, and time-lapse needs.
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  • CineSquid Kit

    CineSquid Kit

    CineSquid is a suction cup system fit for Spider-man. It can securely attach your camera to contoured, multi-level surfaces.
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  • Lynx 1 Axis Slider

    Lynx 1 Axis Slider

    The Cinetics Lynx Motorized Slider Kit combines the Lynx Slider, Lynx Slider Motor, and Lynx Controller to allow for motion-controlled video capture and time-lapse photography.
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  • Lynx 3 Axis Slider

    Lynx 3 Axis Slider

    The Lynx 3 Axis Slider is a complete motorized slide, pan and tilt kit. It can make fluid, synchronized and repeatable camera moves. Just add a camera and you are ready to shoot!
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  • Lynx Pan & Tilt Kit

    Lynx Pan & Tilt Kit

    The Lynx Motorized Pan & Tilt Kit includes the Lynx Controller and the Lynx Pan & Tilt Motors, which provide a full 360 degree range of motion in both pan and tilt directions.
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  • Axis360 Pro

    Axis360 Pro

    Axis360 Pro is a motion control system that can slide, pan, or tilt a camera for dynamic video and time-lapse photography.
  • CineMoco Dolly

    CineMoco Dolly

    Robotic motion control on wheels! CineMoco Dolly is a versatile, portable table-top dolly that gives you the power of motion control at your fingertips.
  • CineMoco System

    CineMoco System

    CineMoco System is a powerful and versatile dolly with a motion control system. It comes with both CineMoco Dolly and SkateTrack, a 4' (1.2 m) rail assembly that lets you achieve flawless movement on a stable surface in any environment.