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Our logo on a sticker!
Our logo on a sticker!

CineSkates Pro

The Cinetics CineSkates Pro Tabletop Camera Dolly rolls smoothly on any flat surface to add a fluid motion to shots.
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Lens Cloth

A microfiber cloth that quickly wraps up into a neoprene pouch and clips on to your camera. A clean camera is a happy camera!
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Aluminum Rails

Rails includes two 16" (40.6 cm) long track pieces for an extension to the Axis360 Slider or SkateTrack for the CineMoco Dolly.
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CineMoco System

CineMoco System is a powerful and versatile dolly with a motion control system. It comes with both CineMoco Dolly and SkateTrack, a 4' (1.2 m) rail assembly that lets you achieve flawless movement on a stable surface in any environment.

CineMoco Dolly

Robotic motion control on wheels! CineMoco Dolly is a versatile, portable table-top dolly that gives you the power of motion control at your fingertips.


CineSquid is a suction cup system fit for Spider-man. It can securely attach your camera to contoured, multi-level surfaces.
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Axis360 Pro

Axis360 Pro is a motion control system that can slide, pan, or tilt a camera for dynamic video and time-lapse photography.