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Cine System

A versatile and portable tripod, dolly, and suction mount system for all your video, photography, and time-lapse needs. You will have an array of cinematic options with this kit on your side. Transform your tripod into a dolly capable of fluid, moving video, or get a rock solid connection for high speed scenes. With Cine System, you can look forward to capturing dynamic shots from previously undiscovered points of view.


CineSkates System

Complete camera dolly kit including the mega-smooth Cinetics CineSkates skateboard style wheels, the innovative Cinetics SkatePlate dolly frame, and Joby’s ultra-versatile GorillaPod Focus tripod and Ballhead X. Turn your DSLR or digital camcorder into a pro-style rig, and achieve silver screen-worthy movement.


CineSquid Kit

CineSquid is a suction cup tripod system fit for Spider-man. It can securely attach your camera to contoured, multi-level surfaces. Field-tested with a 5 lb (2.2 kg) camera on the outside of a car at 80 MPH and with a 0.5 lb (0.2kg) camera on the outside of a plane at 200 MPH, this killer system won’t move while making your moving pictures. The triple redundant, rock-solid connection enables you to secure your camera to a window, a car, or nearly any smooth non-porous surface you can find! With CineSquid, amateur filmmakers can capture stunning, Hollywood-style camera shots, including: High-speed chase or automobile cruising scenes; Scenic or landscape video from a boat, train or any moving vehicle; Time-lapse photography with a rock-solid connection to any smooth surface


Lynx 1 Axis Slider

The Cinetics Lynx Motorized Slider Kit combines the Lynx Slider, Lynx Slider Motor, and Lynx Controller to allow for motion-controlled video capture and time-lapse photography.


Lynx 3 Axis Slider

The Lynx 3 Axis Slider is a complete motorized slide, pan and tilt kit. It can make fluid, synchronized and repeatable camera moves. Just add a camera and you are ready to shoot!


Lynx Pan & Tilt Kit

The Lynx Motorized Pan & Tilt Kit includes the Lynx Controller and the Lynx Pan & Tilt Motors, which provide a full 360 degree range of motion in both pan and tilt directions.


• Axis360 Pro

OUT OF STOCK Axis360 is a motion control system that can slide, pan, or tilt a camera for dynamic video and time-lapse photography. Axis360 is compact and lightweight, sets up easily, and is extremely versatile. Its powerful stepper motor moves at a wide range of speeds, fluidly or incrementally and will work with most DSLR and cinema cameras. Axis360 is available in a variety of combinations to suit your needs.


• CineMoco Dolly

OUT OF STOCK Robotic motion control on wheels! CineMoco Dolly is a versatile, portable table-top dolly that gives you the power of motion control at your fingertips. Time-lapse and slider shots can be set up and performed at the touch of a button with a simple, intuitive interface that does all the hard work for you. CineMoco Dolly uses a powerful stepper motor that is accurate to a hundredth of a millimeter. Speed range in video mode is 0.3 - 14.5 cm/s. S-M-S (shoot-move-shoot) mode enables moves as slow as 0.000002 cm/s! It runs from open source software and includes a built in 6 hour rechargeable battery. CineMoco works best horizontally but can also do inclines of up to 10 degrees.


• CineMoco System

OUT OF STOCK CineMoco System is a powerful and versatile dolly with motion control system. CineMoco System makes smooth, repeatable, straight or arced dolly moves for video, shoots photos between moves for time-lapse photography, and moves on command for stop motion animation. It comes with both CineMoco Dolly, a table-top dolly that gives you the power of motion control, and SkateTrack, a 4' (1.2 m) rail assembly that lets you achieve flawless movement on a stable surface in any environment. It runs on open source software and includes a built-in 6 hour rechargeable battery. Speed range in video mode is 0.3 - 14.5 cm/s. S-M-S (shoot-move-shoot) mode enables moves as slow as 0.000002 cm/s! CineMoco works best horizontally but can also do inclines of up to 10 degrees.


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