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  • Lynx 48" Belt

    Lynx 48" Belt

    Fiberglass reinforced belt for the pulley system that enables the Lynx motor to drive the slider. For use with one Slider Extension or 48" rails.
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  • Lynx Controller

    Lynx Controller

    The Lynx Controller is a world-class three-axis camera motion controller. A cutting edge microcontroller and precision motor drivers are the heavy lifters, but the user interface makes quick setup and advanced control simple.
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  • Lynx Dolly

    Lynx Dolly

    Speed range in video mode is 0.3 - 14.5 cm/s. S-M-S (shoot-move-shoot) mode enables moves as slow as 0.000002 cm/s! It includes a built-in 3-hour rechargeable battery. The dolly works best horizontally but can also do inclines of up to 10 degrees.
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  • Lynx Pan & Tilt Motors

    Lynx Pan & Tilt Motors

    The Lynx Pan & Tilt Motors provide a full 360-degree range of motion in both pan and tilt directions. The motors are strong enough to carry a 5 lb camera. Best of all, the Pan & Tilt Motor's sound isolation design enables whisper quiet operation.
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  • Lynx Rail Brace

    Lynx Rail Brace

    Lynx Rail Brace can be used with extended length sliders to secure rails together for an even slide. Can mount to a tripod with a ⅜”-16 thread.
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  • Lynx Slider

    Lynx Slider

    The Lynx Slider is a versatile video movement machine. Twenty four inch carbon fiber rails provide a smooth fluid motion at the touch of a finger, and rail extensions can be added to double the slider length to forty-eight inches for long moves.
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  • Lynx Slider Motor

    Lynx Slider Motor

    The Lynx Slider Motor moves precisely and can attach to the slider in seconds. It's a powerful motor that can lift up to 10 pounds vertically. Best of all, the Slider Motor's sound isolation design enables whisper quiet operation.
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